Clever comedy and a smart audience make this Carlsbad tradition one-of-a-kind. 

About this event 

Come support comedy that got beat up in high school but ended up getting a great job. Humor + Intelligence = Fun Night Out. 

Scientist Turned Comedian Tim Lee hosts the show at the beautiful New Village Arts Theatre. Every Saturday, the top nerd comics in the state come to perform for you. It starts with stand-up comedy and finishes with the Nerd Olympics, a game show where audience members compete to answer questions only a nerd would know. 

Lee, who got his PhD before realizing where his true talents lie, blends science talk (complete with PowerPoint presentations) with comedy. The hilarious result is like what would happen if you crossed your high school chem teacher with George Carlin. 

Tim is a regular commentator on Weather Channel's Weird Earth. 

Audience reviews for Nerd Comedy Night 

"Really funny! Great show." - Veronica Wynne Goff 

"Show was great and that other guy was hilarious as well!" - Heather Chase 

Show starts at 8PM.

Tickets start at $15