Investment recommendations May 21st 2018. I have a two year horizon and beyond. Not interested in day trading. 

BRK.b : This fund is run by the  only guy who might be as good as an investor as myself. 197 and some change you can’t go wrong. The risk with this stock is Warren leaving this world behind for a better place. That will be a sad day. 

AEIS : Company is run well. Good focus. Good space. A good value at 64.27. 

MU : Yeah it’s a cyclical but it’s still one hell of a bargain right now at about 5 times forward earnings. 55.48

TSLA hands down the best brand in the world. 15 Billion dollars worth of pre sales on the Model 3. Who else could do pre sales at that level? At 284 the shorts are about to get whipped. If this company doesn’t fail and fail hard, there is gonna be one hell of a short squeeze. I’ll put my money on Elon Musk over Jim Chanos any day of the week.